We are getting to know more about ourselves this semester.
In Religious Education we made branches that represent each one of us. On the leaves we mentioned our gifts and talents. The light green leaves were gifts we see in others. We discussed the Beatitudes and looked for examples of these in our lives today. Finally, we added a Personal Beatitude to our branches.

Thanks Mrs Fallace for the wonderful Beatitude display.

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Do you know Micheal Rosean? Where have you seen him before?



This term we have been learning to compose our very own poems. Poetry is a form of writing that can be sometimes rhythmical. Poets often are critical in the way they use words for their composition.

Through this post we will share some of our poems.


This is for challenge 9 in the blogging challenge.

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This week we visit Mr. Done’s Year 6 class  at St Bartholomew’s CE Primary School

Feel free to browse through their amazing stories or just stop by to ask them a question. They are looking forward to your visit.

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For this challenge, we looked into the stereotype of a Scientist. Where does he work? What is he often saying? Here are some of our Scientist images.

Later we watched this video on Ignatius Fox who is ten and has won the Sleek Geeks Science Prize this year. Does that make Ignatius a scientist?

Who do you think a scientist is? What does he do for a living?

This is for challenge 7 in the blogging challenge.

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During November, we wear poppies to remember all those people who made sacrifices to safeguard our freedom.  

Remembrance Day is observed on 11th November every year.  Moira Michael (an American) started the tradition of wearing and selling poppies as a sign of remembrance. In Australia, red poppies are sold by volunteers to raise money to provide care and support for service and ex-service people and their families.

On Friday, this Remembrance Day we will participate in attempting to make a world reading record with thousands of other Australian school children while we read the Pledge of Remembrance written by Rupert McCall. This poem retells the story of  the courage and bravery of our servicemen and women.

The Australian soldier grows not old, the flame still lights his eyes
Although his body lays to rest, his flag forever flies
On the green and gold horizon where the wattles sweep and sway
It flies amongst the gardens and the classrooms of today

Over ocean streams and backyard dreams, above the sunburnt plain
Through harvest yields, on sporting fields, in rainbows after rain
It defines a life worth living and a day that must be won
For every father’s daughter and for every mother’s son

But more than that, the honour claimed in fighting for the free
The pride of the Australian soldier burns in you and me
When the night is dark and dangerous with the rumble of the storm
His courage calls the sunrise and his spirit makes it warm

We will not forget their sacrifice – the strength of their endeavour
For the choices we are gifted with, that flame will burn forever
With a smile that lights the future shining brightly in our scope
We will stand as one, together – we will carry on with hope

But as we go, we take the words that rightfully belong

“I am young and I am worthy, I am brave and I am strong
In the face of any challenge, I will strive to rise above
I deserve this opportunity to live, to learn, to love
I can truly make a difference; my path is up to me
And this is my commitment – be the best that I can be.”


What can you tell us about Remembrance Day?

How is Remembrance Day commemorated in your school/town?


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This week we visit Miss Taylor’s Grade 5 class at Brookburn Primary.

What’s the time difference between Melbourne and UK. Look for the answer in our World clock widget on the right.


Brookburn Primary school is located in Chorlton in Manchester, north west of England.



Manchester is a large city close to Liverpool.  Manchester is famous for – Coronation Street, Take That, Oasis, The Happy Mondays, Lowry and Manchester United Football team. Have you heard about any of these before? What else do you know about Manchester? The students in Miss Taylor’s class are looking forward to answer your questions.

Check out Brookburn Primary school’s website. Is it similar to our school website?

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This week we are learning about shapes that can be used in tiling. Shapes that tessellate use repetition of geometric shapes without gaps or overlap. In Latin tesella means small pieces of stone or clay used in making mosaics. Honeycomb and bathroom tiles are some examples of tessellation.

Check the link to find out more about shapes that tessellate.


In the slide presentation below we share some examples of tessellation found around our house.

Which of these shapes do not tessellate?

Find out more about  tessellating shapes used in forming pictures

This is for challenge 6 in the blogging challenge.

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Finally we made it. After all the months of relocating and moving, we have finally made it to our destination. Today we moved into our new learning space. I love the open bright, open space. How will the new design assist in your learning?

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Since challenge #2 fits well with what we are doing in school currently we are giving it a go now.

Our ERP (education research project) journey begins with students listing their interests With a short explanation.

Feel free to join in and add your interests or passions.

Watch their projects unfold over this term, so remember to check again.

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