This week we are learning about shapes that can be used in tiling. Shapes that tessellate use repetition of geometric shapes without gaps or overlap. In Latin tesella means small pieces of stone or clay used in making mosaics. Honeycomb and bathroom tiles are some examples of tessellation.

Check the link to find out more about shapes that tessellate.

In the slide presentation below we share some examples of tessellation found around our house.

Which of these shapes do not tessellate?

Find out more about  tessellating shapes used in forming pictures

This is for challenge 6 in the blogging challenge.

8 Responses to “#6 Challenge Tessellation”
  1. RosaBrookburn says:

    I love the turtles at the beging!!!!!

    • Ms Fernandes says:

      Thanks Rosa for you comments. We’ve enjoyed learning about tessellation and spotting shapes that tessellate. Ashleigh noticed the tessellation on the turtles shell. I hope you are enjoying your break and thanks for dropping by.

  2. Miss W. says:

    G’day Ms Fernandes,
    In your post dashboard, at the bottom of this post, write This is for challenge 6 in the blogging challenge. Now highlight the words challenge 6. Click on the chain icon above your post dashboard. Paste in Make sure it opens in a new window, then save. You have then created a pingback that I will see at the blogging challenge blog.

  3. Calvin says:

    The tessellations were really good and I didn’t know that the tessellation on the turtle’s shell and bookshelf was a tessellation. Some students are very smart!

  4. Matilda R says:

    i have worked out another one Ms Fernandes, a beehive.

  5. Ms Fernandes says:

    A beehive is a great example of tessellation Matilda, imagine trying to get a picture of one for our slideshow!

  6. Finn says:

    Wow what grade are you in when you learn about tessellation?

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